Work with me

I love to Travel and Write and I am open to new opportunities and creative ways of promoting travel as a lifestyle.

FAM Trips 

I am keen on working with Tourism Boards or Hospitality Brands and eagerly participate in FAM and Press Trips. The last FAM Trip attended was with Gujarat Tourism to cover The International Kite Festival 2017, Uttarayan in Ahmedabad.

Brand Promotions

I also work with hotels, resorts, eco-lodges, backpacking hostel chains or any other travel related service provider to promote their brands and products through reviews, blog posts or advertisements on my blog in lieu of compensation and sponsorships. What you get in return is a broadened reach to all my subscribers, followers across all social media platforms, social media Travel groups that I am a member of and also on all other portals where my blog is listed.

Freelance Work

I am a Freelance Writer and have written for lifestyle magazines, travel portals and travel blogs.  If you are looking for a content writer for your travel or lifestyle-centric website then I shall be more than happy to assist you in content development for such websites.

Social Work and Teaching Assignments.

I engage in Social Work and strongly vouch for Responsible and Sustainable Travel.  I recently completed a short assignment of teaching basic English Speaking and Writing skills to the underprivileged kids of Yangang, in South Sikkim. The workshop was in association with Sikkim Police as a part of their Community Policing Programme.I therefore, accept opportunities to deliver guest lectures, talks or conduct small workshops on English Speaking, Creative Writing, Travel Blogging and Sustainable Travel options in educational institutions or other organisations.

If you are interested in any of the above or have a whole new proposition which may be mutually beneficial to us, please drop me a mail on

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