The Enigma of Rishikesh in Pictures

The Enigma of Rishikesh in Pictures

The meandering Ganges and the mighty Himalayas seem to nurture Rishikesh in the most sublime manner thereby making it one of the most serene places in all over India. A perfect concoction of breathtaking vistas, tranquillity and unbound divinity, Rishikesh is the utopia we all crave while dealing with the demons of our lives.


The sublime wonder called Rishikesh

Rishikesh and Life

I discovered this little paradise while pursuing my higher studies in Dehradun. Located at a distance of 42 km from the city of Dehradun in Uttrakhand, Rishikesh became a major hit amongst me and my friends. We would plan at least one getaway every now and then to Rishikesh just to relax and chill. I, therefore, have very fond memories of this little paradise.

A Baba relaxing in Rishikesh

Just some other quirky Baba relaxing oblivious of the chaos around him.

Those days of academic life were the carefree ones. Our only biggest concerns back then were getting good grades and eventually a good job. Just as we gradually advance into every stage of life, good grades happened and so did good enough jobs.

Rishikesh on a rainy day

The beauty of Rishikesh drenched in rain

Amidst all of that Rishikesh remained constant. The transition from a carefree college girl to an independent woman was smooth at certain places and bumpy at certain others. But Rishikesh remained the same.

What do you seek in Rishikesh?

This quaint little town is the perfect picture of a coexistence of two different worlds. To some Rishikesh is just another pilgrimage town bathed by the Holy Ganges and bustling with devotees. While for others Rishikesh is a laidback, hippie-vibed, nirvana-seeking, and vegetarian yoga capital of the world.

Inside a Cafe in Rishikesh

What could probably life mean without some really awesome food

A confluence as well as a paradox of different beliefs, Rishikesh is where on one hand you can see a frantic Indian pilgrim feeding dough balls to fishes in the Ganga to simply earn some goodie points in the accounts of the Almighty while on the other a traveller can be seen seeking spirituality through yoga or deep conversations about how much of the world he has seen and how has it shaped his life.

A baba smoking ganja in Rishikesh

Seek your own spirituality

A man playing a flute near Lakshman Jhula

Music probably was created to lead every sentient being towards what he/she was seeking.

Sometimes in the form of conversations with a traveller or as an unintended eavesdropping episode, I have heard such nirvana-seeking souls talk about their perspective of life, how integral is travel to their existence and what is it that they are looking for in Rishikesh.

Watching a sunset in Rishikesh

And sometimes in life, all you need is some perspective and expect to find it at the most unexpected places

Lakshman Jhula on a clear summer day

The Lakshman Jhula in its absolute glory

Whatever be the reason why people come to Rishikesh, I believe peace and spirituality in its various forms are few of the foremost things they are seeking.

Memoirs of the divine Rishikesh

Sitting by the shabby beaches on the sides of the Ganga or while listening to the trance music that fills the air in most of the cafes here, life seems to float above all other bigger pictures and get lost in utmost happiness derived by its mere existence.That’s how life should be, isn’t it? Uncomplicated and happy.

A cafe in Rishikesh

A lovely cafe in Rishikesh

Whether it be the two distinctively beautiful suspension bridges of Lakshman Jhula and Ram Jhula or the streets filled with shops selling colourful trinkets, crystals, precious and semi-precious stones or the very cool hippie sense of fashion all seem to contribute to the fact that Rishikesh stands out in the race of life.

A gems and jewelry shop in Rishikesh

One of the numerous vibrant shops in Rishikesh

The beautiful buzzing bamboo shacks of the numerous cafes serving amazing Lasagne or the German Bakery overlooking the relentlessly flowing Ganges or the nooks and corners of the Beatles Ashram adorned in breathtaking graffiti are places where time seems to stand still.

Inside a cafe in Rishikesh

Is there something not to like about Rishikesh?

Graffiti in Beatles Ashram

Graffiti inside Beatles Ashram

The breathtaking graffiti in the nooks and corners of Beatles Ashram

Waking up to the reverberations of the Ganga Arati in the early hours of the morning or the constant gurgling of the Ganga throughout the night and sometimes the violent rattling of the windows due to the wind have all left lasting impressions on my mind.

The Triyambakeshwar Temple

The Triyambakeshwar Temple in Rishikesh

Rishikesh was and still is the same little haven that keeps embracing me with a smile and warmth so profound. I love this place and I solemnly declare that Rishikesh shall remain my favourite location in India forever. And some day when I grow old and have enough money I shall live the rest of my days in happiness and abundance in the lap of this little hamlet.

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Have you been to Rishikesh? What was it like for you? What did you love about this serene and sublime part of India? Leave me a comment. I would love to read your thoughts about my favourite place in India.

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