Shri Mishrilal Hotel-Jodhpur

Shri Mishrilal Hotel-Jodhpur

Food is an integral part of travel and a travel experience devoid of at least one extraordinary culinary experience is a waste. Though I am not much of a foodie and very conservative in my food choices I am lucky in terms of finding some flavours in each place I visit that leave a lasting impression on my mind.

Every city or town has these nooks and corners which are treasure troves of flavours and delicacies. These places have witnessed history and hold tales of thousand sorts in them. The Paranthe Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk, Delhi is one such iconic area known for its Paranthas. There are also these smaller, lesser famous counterparts that serve amazing mouth-watering delicacies and are a hit amongst the locals. The fun lies in finding these little gastronomic delights in new places.

However, this time in Jodhpur it was about exploring the much hyped Makhania Lassi at the Shri Mishrilal Hotel.Jodhpur is home to one such iconic eatery that has probably featured on numerous travel channels, books, portals, and blogs all over the world. Celebrity chefs drool at the mention of this place.

About Shri Mishrilal Hotel-Jodhpur

Located near the Sardar Market and Clocktower, Shri Mishrilal Hotel in Jodhpur is an age old business run by a family of entrepreneurs and dates back to the year 1927. The founder Shri Mishrilal Ji Arora was the pioneer of this business and at present is run by the fourth generation of the family. However, the recipe of the lassi was revamped and improvised by Radheshyam Ji Arora and his son Rajendra Ji Arora. A portrait of Shri Mishrilal Ji Arora hangs over the counter and you can also see the rest of the people who headed this business over the years framed in their glory at this place.

The Mishrilal Hotel-Jodhpur

The counter at the entrance.

I had the privilege to meet Mr Rajendra Arora who along with his two sons run this eatery at present. The shop specialises in Makhania Lassi which is made from the best quality of yoghurt and is a class apart.

The Mishrilal Hotel-Jodhpur

Mr Rajender Arora, the owner at Mishrilal Hotel.

They say good people are a rare find these days and of all the places you don’t really expect much humility from an entrepreneur who has reached scaling heights with his business but the scenario was much different here. Mr Rajendra Arora is very soft spoken, modest and genuinely a good human being. He says, “Hum jo khate hain wahi sabko khilate hai.”(We feed people what we eat in our homes) and that is his Business Mantra. This gentleman took the time to explain his business mantra and guided me into the kitchen where all that magic with food is created. He showed me how the entire process of making Makhania Lassi comes to life and what is it that makes it such a class apart.

The Shop

The shop isn’t an elaborate affair. There’s a counter at the entrance where you can meet the spearheads of the business. Over the counter, you can see the framed pictures of the forerunners of the business.

The Mishrilal Hotel-Jodhpur

Inside the shop.

Inside there’s a decent amount of space to accommodate few people say about 50. The walls are tastefully done and speak of the various accolades this establishment has received over the years. The menu hangs with all its glory and those names on the wall could make you drool endlessly.

The Mishrilal Hotel-Jodhpur

The interior

What I loved about the ambience is it is not over the top or boisterous. It gives out a sense of modesty just like Mr Rajendra Arora himself. The staffs are very friendly and warm and always have a smile on their faces that makes you want to come back every time.

The Mishrilal Hotel-Jodhpur

The wall of fame.

The Menu

The menu ranges from sweet treats to savoury snacks. The Makhania Lassi is the show stopper but the real star here which is overshadowed by the Makhania Lassi is the Rabri, a sweet made by thickening milk over long durations of time. I have tasted very little Rabri across India but this one here was the best I have had so far.

The Mishrilal Hotel-Jodhpur

The famous Menu.

The savoury snacks are also a must try. The masala (spices) used to create such a broad spectrum of flavours are all homemade and of the purest kind. You will also get the Rajasthani breakfast of Kachori and Mirchi Vada here. However, the sad news is it doesn’t last very long so if you want to taste that be an early bird. In fact, you should just come here with an empty stomach and fill it with every sort of delicacy that is available here.

My experience at Shri Mishrilal Hotel-Jodhpur

My experience at this eatery was breathtaking due to many reasons. Firstly, I was bowled over by their hospitality. They treat every customer with delight and that is something you are going to take back with you.

I tried Makhania Lassi, Kachori, Mirchi Vada and of course the Rabri and believe me I felt full after having the lassi alone. I stuffed the rest and just couldn’t get over the explosion of all those flavours in my mouth. It was foodgasmic. The Lassi is thick and served with a spoon as you cannot really drink it. It needs to be eaten. The Rabri was out of the world. I am a Bengali and have a severe case of a sweet tooth but if you cannot consume so much sweetness at a time then order something savoury to go along. The pedas (sweets) are also a must try. I just love how it simply melts in your mouth.

The Mishrilal Hotel-Jodhpur

The Kachori (savoury), Mawa Kachori(sweet and savoury) , Lassi (Sweet and sour) and the heartwarmingly delicious Rabri.

 I kept going back for breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner to this same place. Yes, I have had only these things in Jodhpur. I may sound crazy but this is what happens to most of the people who eat here.

I could give this place a hundred stars and still feel I didn’t do justice. This place is marvellous and the food is the kind that will leave an aftertaste forever. If you are in Jodhpur you must visit the Shri Mishrilal Hotel at least once and you will know.

Find out how the magic is infused in the Makahania Lassi in my next blog post. Have you been to Jodhpur and have you visited this place? If yes, then leave me a comment about what you think of this little heaven. I would love to know about your experiences. Until then keep drooling and keep travelling.

The magic in the images has been infused by a budding photographer named Rahul Vats, you can follow his work on Instagram and Facebook