Of Monsoon, Beaches, Birthday & Goa-In Pictures

Of Monsoon, Beaches, Birthday & Goa-In Pictures

The dreaded monsoon they say

The one that destroys crops and restricts your play

I hear people lamenting the rain

Of the floods, waterlogging and the pain

I understand all of that and I care

But watching a sea drenched in rain is what I dare

The wet sand, the roaring waves and the downpour looping like a carousel

And how the clouds change their colour with a swell

The winds gush past the waves and begin a swirl

And how every crashing wave break the rocks with a twirl

Thus begins the dance of drenched landscapes

And how the sepia coloured world change their tints, tones and shades

The drenched and the dried change places

Like alternating winds changing dresses

Imagine witnessing this beyond life’s closed cubicle

My four days of liberation and the ocean’s musical

To Birthdays and life’s celebration

Goa was my much-sought salvation

Oh, Goa! You beauty! You mended a lot of cracks

But I am amazed at how restless my heart has been since I came back

For now, my soul craves for the rest

ive sound of the oceans

But I also know that my heart belongs to the mountains

Of Mountains and Oceans the dilemma remain

For one keeps me grounded and the other lets me fly again.

Of late I have become more of a comfortable traveller seeking refuge in familiar or nearby places and this syndrome is greatly affecting my urge to see new places. I am a person who loves familiarity but also fantasizes a lot about the unfamiliar but lately taking that plunge to go someplace far and new had been taking a backseat. I know it’s not really a great feeling but my job, responsibilities and thousand other excuses to not travel have been quite overpowering.Bogmallo Beach

When the wind swept by and the trees danced to the tunes of the sea

This birthday was special and since life was giving me lots of reasons to not travel, I decided to let my birthday be the motive to break free. And I decided to see the morning of 18th July’18 at a beach.

Candolim Beach

And the clouds came swooning over the sea

Candolim Beach,Goa

When the downpour began its journey but had not yet touched the ground

Goa had always been on the bucket list but somehow pushed at the back burner for some or the other reason. Having spent 17 years of my life in the mountains, beaches have always been a fantasy too beautiful to be true. The idea of seeing Goa in the monsoon was something beautifully romantic.

Candolim Beach, Goa

When the fishermen have bowed down before the rain God and retreated to their siesta.

Fort Aguada, Goa

When rain can accentuate every little detail in the landscape

Dreams do come true and here I was in Goa welcomed by the dramatic play of the clouds, roaring waves and the torrential rains posing like my own Birthday choir. I haven’t seen Goa in any other time of the year but I am sure that witnessing Goa in monsoon is no less than magic.

Aguada Fort, Goa

When the clouds play hide and seek

Aguada Fort, Goa

And then when it finally comes down to drench it all

The drama of the clouds, the greyscale of the skies and their magnetic pull on the sea is nothing less than watching a Broadway play. Looking at the restless sea kissed by the downpour and the oceanic dance of the waves made me realise how badly my soul craved to leave the shackles of everything familiar I had become too comfortable in.

Calangute, Goa

When home seems the best place to go back to

Saligao, Goa

When the sleepy alleys of the city are drenched in a drunken trance

Calangute, Goa

When Siesta seems like the best thing in the world

My birthday wasn’t just about growing another year older but was exactly about what my heart had desired. Sometimes in life, until we have something, we do not even realise that it is exactly what we crave for. Goa felt like that, I had craved for the waves, the wet sand, the uncertainty and the fear of coming this far, halfway across the country.

At Aguada Fort, Goa

When quirky translations blow your mind

Anjuna, Goa

And when the water has filled all the potholes

Anjuna, Goa

When the clouds decide to retreat awhile

What is familiar today was once an unfamiliar terrain, so why fear the unknown? From the monotonous routine of my life in Punjab, I flew to this world of laidback life, sea, beaches and siesta and I think this was one of the best decisions I took in 2018. I am glad I made my birthday worthwhile cruising from one beach to another, getting drenched in the incessant rain, visiting a nightclub for the first time, eating to my heart’s content and cheering out loud with a drink in my hand every single time. And in those four days of my reverie, I didn’t even realise when Goa turned into a home for the homebound soul.

Anjuna Beach, Goa

When the green and the grey look like they just agreed in harmony

Anjuna Beach, Goa

When the dance of the waves begin once again

Anjuna Beach, Goa

And when love is in the air

Saligao, Goa

When houses look this pretty

Bogmallo Beach, Goa

And while watching the sun go down after orchestrating the entire musical, the heart feels wild and calm at the same time, know that you have arrived home. You have arrived in Goa!

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