Backpacker Panda – Udaipur

Backpacker Panda – Udaipur

Ever since the Bollywood movie, Queen, released, I have always wanted to experience the backpacking way of life in a similarly cool and happening hostel (and meet some really amazing men like the trio in the movie!). Wink wink!

But of course, I couldn’t travel to Amsterdam or any other location abroad to experience something similar. But who knew that dreams come true, prayers are heard and wishes are granted and that is when I struck gold on stumbling upon Backpacker Panda.

About Backpacker Panda 

Backpacker Panda is a backpacking hostel chain operating in Udaipur, Jaipur, Delhi, Goa, Agra and Mumbai and soon expanding their reach to four other cities of Bangalore, Hyderabad, Rishikesh, and Varanasi.

Backpacker Panda - Udaipur

Backpacker Panda, Udaipur.

Inspired by the European Backpacking accommodations, this chain of hostels was conceptualised for the Indian hospitality industry and opened in 6 Indian cities that attract a major chunk of global travellers.  The concept has been received well by Indian travellers too and more and more Indians are seeking accommodation at the Backpacker Panda to explore the country better and in a different way.

Backpacker Panda - Udaipur

Everything about this place can bowl you over.

Indian female travellers are opting for such backpacking accommodations and it’s amazing to see that these women are also going for the mixed dormitories apart from the female dormitories.  Backpacker Panda is revolutionising the backpacking experience for the modern day travellers in India.

My experience at Backpacker Panda, Udaipur.

Well, this was my first time at a backpacking hostel and all I can say is that as soon as I located the property, I was simply awestruck. I stayed at Backpacker Panda, Udaipur. They are located very close to the magnificent Fateh Sagar Lake and surrounded by really pretty houses that look right out of dreams.

Backpacker Panda - Udaipur

The lobby and sitting area for the guests.

The interiors are tastefully done with amazing graffiti art on the walls by a graffiti artist named Zake. You can check out some of his awesome art on Instagram as well. As soon as I entered the property all the exhaustion from the travel simply vanished. There are two mixed dormitories that can be accessed by men and women, one female dormitory and one private room for the exclusives in the property. Every room is named after prominent waterfalls in the world such as the Niagara falls, Angel Falls, Iguazu Falls etc.

Backpacker Panda - Udaipur

Such amazing Graffiti everywhere!

The entire premises of Backpacker Panda will evoke such intense wanderlust in you, that you are bound to get out and explore the city. What I loved about the hostel is that it feels just like a home away from home. I had some trouble digesting the spicy food in Rajasthan, and this place came as a savior as they also provide the facilities of a kitchenette equipped with necessary appliances such as two induction cookers, electric kettles, utensils, and cutlery. I had a wonderful time cooking for myself here.

Backpacker Panda - Udaipur

That’s me cooking Pasta! 🙂

The beds are bunk beds with a very cute reading lamp and charging points affixed on one side. I mean how thoughtful that is!

Backpacker Panda - Udaipur

Bunk beds in Backpacker Panda, Udaipur.

Backpacker Panda - Udaipur

Pretty lights and charging points in each bed.

I also stayed at the private room for a day and that was a regal experience indeed. With a huge king size bed, free-flowing curtains, a windy balcony with a distant view of the Fateh Sagar Lake, a spacious bathroom, and ethnic Rajasthani furniture, the room is worth the experience.

Backpacker Panda - Udaipur

The private room in Backpacker Panda, Udaipur

The lobby is well adorned with beautiful graffiti and has a huge desktop for the traveler’s to access the internet from. The walls are vibrant and are symbolic of the verve that this place is synonymous with. There are these amazing sticky notes stuck on one corner of the wall that speaks of all the fun that people have had here. One such note is exclusively dedicated to the night security guard who is indeed a pleasure to talk to.

Backpacker Panda - Udaipur

Graffiti art in the lobby.

The reception desk has all the necessary information regarding the city, guidelines on traveling across the city and beyond and they have this beautiful brochure designed exclusively to help travelers navigate through the city and friendly tips for a safe and hassle-free travel experience. They also have bus ticket booking facility at the desk from where you can get tickets to any part of Rajasthan in just a click.

Backpacker Panda - Udaipur

The reception area.

There are these quirky messages from Mr Panda all over the walls asking you to do simple things to keep the hostel beautiful and clean. For instance, the messages on the walls of the bathrooms ask you to conserve water and electricity as well as encourage you to maintain the cleanliness of the washrooms.

A glimpse into Ankit’s everyday life at Backpacker Panda, Udaipur.

Ankit Bhati is the manager here, he takes care of the bookings, familiarises the travellers with the city and provides them with any kind of help required. A local from Udaipur, Ankit is shy but a very helpful and friendly person who is passionate about his job at the hostel. When asked about what is it that he loves about his job, he gleams with joy and says “ I get to meet new people every day, learn so much about countries, socialise with such a broad spectrum of people of different nationalities and make friends. What could be better than this?” He is right about the kind of exposure he gets here and being surrounded by travellers from all over the world is indeed a rewarding experience.

Backpacker Panda - Udaipur

That’s Ankit!

He also ecstatically recalls the fun he and the travellers have when they organise few events or games to keep the backpackers engaged. Like on Holi, Independence Day and Diwali, they had organised games like Jenga, Uno , Scrabble and other such fun activities. From the pictures displayed on the wall you can make out the amount of fun travellers have staying here

Why do I recommend Backpacker Panda to every traveller?

  1. It’s cheap.

Damn! it is cheap and affordable. It is simply awesome to avail such world-class quality of accommodation at dirt cheap prices. Go ahead and book your accommodation too.

Backpacker Panda - Udaipur

Absolute value for money!

  1. European style hostel accommodation.

At that price, all you can expect from budget hotels is a pigeon-hole to crash at. But Backpacker Panda provides you all the amenities that even a good hotel may not provide. There’s AC, geysers, a fully equipped kitchenette, travel assistance, brochures, self-laundry, et al. What more do you need?

Backpacker Panda - Udaipur

C’mon, I would just go back for these super comfy beds!

  1. The amazing friends you will make here.

I landed at the Backpacker Panda during offseason and unfortunately didn’t find many people staying at the hostel to interact with, but looking at those pictures displayed in the lobby, I could gauge the amount of fun that people have had here and the amazing friends they must have made.

Backpacker Panda - Udaipur

Nah! he wasn’t a friendly guy but who cares you will meet others…

  1. A home away from home.

Backpacker Panda is truly a second home. You can cook, laze around, play games, watch TV, surf the internet and do whatever the hell you like to do here. The comfort of a home combined with a truly global experience is worth experiencing at the Backpacker Panda.

Backpacker Panda - Udaipur

That kitchen dude!

  1. Their presence in 6 big cities and few more to come.

I am sure all of the Backpacker Panda hostels pulsate with the similar energy and ambience. I am surely going to explore their accommodation in all other cities. Check out some cool pictures of other Backpacker Panda hostels  here.

Backpacker Panda - Udaipur

The Venice of India. 🙂

  1. It’s safe.

As a female solo traveller in India, the safety issues are always lingering around your subconscious and conscious mind. Located conveniently in a posh neighbourhood near the Fateh Sagar Lake, Backpacker Panda at Udaipur is safe and homely.

Backpacker Panda - Udaipur

Plus there’s a really friendly security guard.

As a travel blogger, I enjoyed staying at this place to the brim. I loved every bit of my sojourn here. The homely feeling, the artsy walls, the hospitality of the people in and around the premises left me overwhelmed. I would suggest you all try this place too and share your experiences with me. Have you been to such a hostel before? Let me know of your experiences as well. I would love to read them. Until then keep vagabonding wherever you are.

Backpacker Panda - Udaipur

That’s me…Yayyy!

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Image edits- Mr. Rahul Vats, a professional photographer. You may check his original work here.