8 reasons why you should travel in rain at least once in your life!

8 reasons why you should travel in rain at least once in your life!

The world was divided into three kinds of people, the ones who love rain, the ones who don’t, and the ones who love to travel in rain. I know for some, it’s unimaginable and seriously it could be irksome to travel in heavy rains but life is all about finding beauty in the most arduous situations. So here’s a list of reasons why you should take at least one trip to any destination of your choice while it’s raining.

1. The view

Everything looks more beautiful when drenched in the rain. The otherwise dust ridden leaves, bearing the brunt of the heat in the scorching summers, are a sight of absolute bliss when they receive the first showers. Ever seen how breathtaking the sea looks during a downpour? Or walked the streets of a hill station amidst heavy rainfall? Getting drenched in such a place may take you to a whole another level of beatitude.

2. Petrichor

The earthy aroma of rain. Never knew they had a word for that intoxicating sweet smell of the Earth that fills the air just after it has rained. I know we all love it and now imagine being engulfed in this scent at places you are seeing for the first time. Distant, unknown lands but a familiar smell, what an experience!

3. Cheaper rates

Rainy seasons are mostly off-seasons at most of the tourist destinations and if you believe in budget travel and optimal use of finances while traveling, rainy season is the season for you to go and explore the places you would love to. Cheaper hotel rates, cheaper sightseeing rates, easy bargaining while shopping. What else do you need?

4. Lesser crowd.

Yet again, off season means lesser hustle bustle, more places to go and introspect about life, admire nature and its beauty, almost no noise and ultimate bliss. No nuisance to watch, no clobbering in crowds, no standing in queues to buy entry tickets to the places of interest and numerous other such benefits. Just you and your solitude.

5. Driving through serenity

If you are the kind who loves to drive your own car while travelling, then this is the time when you should just go voyaging. Driving in rain could be tricky especially on a hilly terrain, but what more do you need on such a weather, the comfort of your car, company of few good friends, a playlist of the most awesome songs that uplift the mood and a long long drive to some far off place.

 Source: RV Chromatic

6. Food

Apparently, there’s an ample number of combination of food that has been exclusively classified as “The food for Monsoon”.The kulladwali chai and pakoda combination is the best of all but don’t forget the euphoria of finding a Maggi point en route to any hill station combined with the downpour. These are few such things that are pretty inexpensive but create amazing memories. Don’t forget, Chai Sutta tastes best in rain.

7. Unplugging

Most of us have smart phones, that mean the world to us. We literally live in them and cannot live without them, so going out in rain could mean risking the life of our smart phones which are darn precious! Therefore unplug. Leave your phone back at the room, and head out. No more calls from the bosses or anyone else for that matter. Relax, unplug, get bitten by leeches (gross I know, but whatever!) and enjoy the rain in whichever way you want to.


Last but not the least, rainy season is deemed to be the most romantic seasons of all. Ever seen Eiffel Tower in the rain, the sight itself exudes romance. How can we forget the rain dance sequences in our beloved Bollywood movies? This is also the best opportunity to head out with your partner and do something filmy in the rain on your journey, as no one would be watching and even if they do, who cares they don’t know you!
And for the ones who haven’t found your special one yet, who knows this might be an opportunity for you as well to find the girl with a yellow umbrella just like Ted Mosby!

Life is all about moments and experiences, that create memories. Don’t resist any such experience. Go with the flow, get drenched, dance in the rain, fall sick. You may never know when you actually fall in love with rain, or travelling in the rain, if not already.

Happy getting drenched and losing yourself in this journey!