8 Reasons Why I Love Travelling with my Mother

8 Reasons Why I Love Travelling with my Mother

Nowadays when my Mom sometimes snaps at me with “You will realise the same thing once you are a mother yourself”, somehow I feel she makes absolute sense. When I really think about it, I wonder how did my mother not end up smothering my face in all these years whenever I gave her one of my worst mood swings?

Our mothers are probably the most taken for granted people in our lives but also the only ones who stand by us no matter how bad a jerk we may have been to them. My mother and I share a similar bond. We cannot live without each other but we also cannot live without fighting with each other. Of course, the arguments have reduced a lot in all these years and the fun has increased manifold. Out of all the things we do together I love travelling with her the most. That is why today I am just cherishing the memories of us having the most fun travelling together. I love travelling with mom because:

  1. I get to see the fun side of my mother

Bengali mothers are probably the strictest version of any mother ever born. Bengali women are born with big, round and beautiful eyes. They use this asset of theirs to scare the shit out of their kids if they have been a pain in the a**. A Bengali kid would totally identify with this sentiment. So, the bottom line is whenever we have travelled together I have seen the fun part of her. Away from the duties of her school, kitchen, home and being a mother, she is the friend I love to be with on our trips. Whether it be trying something new to eat, or take some crazy ride, or laughing at the silliest things to everything else in between it is always more fun to travel with her.

8 Reasons Why I Love Travelling with my Mother


  1. We get to talk

Not that we don’t talk at home but when we travel we become more of friends and less of a mother-daughter duo. Travelling is probably the magic which brings about all of that. We talk about everything, love, life, aspirations, broken dreams, future dreams, wishes and so much more. Somehow that doesn’t happen much back at home when we are busy with our respective schedules.

  1. She is badass and my sole protector

My mom is a teacher by profession plus she is one feisty Bengali woman, so you can probably guess the consequences of gaping at me if you are a guy. Chances are if you have been checking me out then probably without much of your knowledge my mother has been checking you out too but with a whole different look in her eyes (the big round Bengali eyes). Well, my mom also attracts a lot of attention as per my observation and I return the favour by shooing away men who try to check her out too. Believe me, too many men have been shooed away by us in unison.


  1. She takes care of me

There is probably nothing better than being with your mom. I remember one time when we were in Haridwar and I had a bad episode of food poisoning, my mom took care of me so well that I didn’t really feel I was away from home.

8 Reasons Why I Love Travelling with my Mother

Us in Haridwar


  1. She loves experimenting

I love the fact that when we are travelling she is not the overt health and diet conscious mother as she is back home. She loves experimenting with food, new experiences, new looks and clothes, adventure activities et al on our trips together and it is way more fun than being at home.

8 Reasons Why I Love Travelling with my Mother

Experimenting with Chhole Kulche in Haridwar.


  1. Oh! She bargains

Travelling is incomplete without shopping. My mom loves shopping as much as I do. Oh! And she bargains. Mothers are probably born with a natural acumen for bargaining. Trust me I have never been able to bargain that well and sometimes I wonder if it weren’t for my mom I would have spent way more money than required on shopping sprees.

8 Reasons Why I Love Travelling with my Mother

The face when we shop.


  1. She is my photographer

My photography woes are no more an issue with my mother around. She manages to click some amazing pictures of me. Plus she has also mastered the art of taking selfies.

8 Reasons Why I Love Travelling with my Mother


  1. It is therapeutic

Travelling with each other is the therapy we both need. Motherhood is not a fixed tenured job. It doesn’t end with us growing up or going off to college or getting jobs. To them, we are still the little kid they gave birth to, taught walking, talking, sent off to college and everything else in between. It’s time they get a break too. My mom loves travelling with me because she feels more like herself with me around. The feelings are reciprocated. There can be no better experience than taking a trip with mommy dearest.


Somehow the idea of designating a single day to Mothers all around the world doesn’t resonate well with me. These superwomen must be celebrated every day because of the kind of selflessness they possess and the way they carry out their duties tirelessly every day till the end of time. Every day should be a Mother’s Day.

What is your Travel story with Mommy dearest? I would love to read about your experiences of travelling with your mothers.

Oh! and wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day!