6 Bollywood damsels who inspire us to travel & travel solo!

6 Bollywood damsels who inspire us to travel & travel solo!

Bollywood has for some reason inspired me to chase my dreams of travel. Whether it be the dreamy dance sequences shot in Switzerland or a melancholy number shot in the most upscale locales of New York or a car chase sequence through the streets of Italy, everything about these movies has sparked a strong wanderlust in me. Sometimes it was the locations and at times it were the characters who brought out the deep hidden desires of being a nomad for life (or at least go on a vacation). Here’s a list of some amazing female protagonists of Hindi movies who can inspire you to travel and travel solo.

1. Simran Singh, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Yes, our very own dreamy girl next door, who believes in soul mates and that for every Simran there’s a Raj. The NRI, who lives a life of fantasies as per her Indian cousins but in reality is tormented by the Sanskaars of being an Indian in Pardes. Imagine her plight that she is betrothed to a man she has never even met.
The desire to be free one last time before she is the wife of some XYZ, the fear to venture out alone and discover the world full of beauty and endless possibilities is what she portrays and the fact that love could happen anywhere is also what we would want in our lives. This girl makes me want to dream and be brave enough to chase them and not care about what Bauji will say. So let’s pack our bags and go Switzerland, what say?

2.Geet Kaur Dhillon, Jab We Met

The perfect depiction of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, a girl larger than life, colourful, daring, crazy, impulsive, live in the moment material  and also an emotional fool but this girl makes you wanna run away, she makes you realise that it’s not necessary to have everything figured out in life, sometimes it’s just about mustering up enough courage to leave, to be crazy, to be your own favourite to be eternally happy, to make mistakes and let life be, because at the end things do fall in places they are meant to be. Don’t forget to learn the very much required bargaining tactics and dealing with people who give muft ka gyaan while traveling solo, from her… Koi Doubt Mat Rakhna!

3. Ayesha Banerjee, Wake Up Sid

A feisty, ambitious, independent, brave, all figured out babe who goes all the way from the comfort zones of her home Kolkata, the city of joy to Mumbai, the city of dreams, by herself. Unconventionally pretty, she is just  about everything you need to make your solo trip the perfectly planned affair with no loopholes at all. And if you have the writer like her in you, voila! you have found yourself the reason to pay attention to each and every detail in your trip to make it all the more memorable.

4.Laila, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

The ultimate free spirited, wise, strong, lovely, beautiful woman.  She is an amalgamation of all the adjectives for a divine enigma  that lingers long after she has left. She cascades through your inner self and leaves you wondering, am I really living  my life right?
She challenges the common beliefs that society has taught us to believe in as the best possible options available and shows you how beautiful it is to live to travel and do what you yearn for. She inspires you to pack your bags and leave. Ah, I could write a poem on her. Laila!

5. Naina Talwar, Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani

The naive, studious, pretty much boring, live life by the rules kind of girl, we all are compared to by our mothers who would love to have daughters so intelligent like her. Unlike her normal self, she dares to take a chance and go on a trekking camp with friends she barely knew initially. She shows you how important it is to take risks in life, to take chances and go beyond what your mind tells what you ought to. The way she loves and let’s go with pain and ease simultaneously is depicted so intricately.

6. Rani Mehra, Queen

Last but not the least our very own Rani, the showstopper. This is one hell of a woman that teaches you numerous life lessons in just one movie. A heartbroken, damsel in distress is rescued by her own courage and might. She proves that a knight in shining armor is the last thing we girls need in life. Going on her honeymoon all alone to Paris and Amsterdam, she inspires all those girls who are agonised in lives by some or the other form of mishap, to get up and do what you gotta do, dream again, rediscover life, learn to love yourself first and set your priorities right to be happy from within. Because Mera sense of humor na bahot achha hai, aapko dheere dheere pata chalega!
 These are the women I relate the most to. If you have more in your mind do leave a comment. Happy living and travelling your own movie called the journey of LIFE!