8 Things to do in Ajmer and Pushkar

8 Things to do in Ajmer and Pushkar

If you have Jaipur in your weekend getaway plan, you might as well add two more places to the itinerary. Ajmer and Pushkar are at a proximal distance from the Pink City and are worth visiting. Here are a list of the things you could do in this part of Rajasthan.

1.Dargah Sharif, Ajmer

This dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti is located in Ajmer, and has a  beauty of its own. There are thousands of pilgrims visiting this holy place every day and made more famous by the movies and the Bollywood celebrities this place is worth a visit. On the way to the dargah you will have to take a walk for approximately 10minutes to reach the main mosque, on this stretch you can find a small market which is so glittery that it is indeed a treat to the eyes. Feel the divinity of the gods once you enter this place and pray with all your heart to start your wonderful trip ahead.

2. Lakes

The Ana Sagar Lake is an artificial lake situated in the city of Ajmer built by Anaji Chauhan and hence the name it holds. Lake Foy Sagar is another such artificial lake named after the gentleman who created it as a relief measure for famine. These lakes are splendid to sit by and relax. This place could provide some beautiful snaps of the breathtaking beauty that it is. Pushkar Lake on the other hand has mythological significance, it is said this lake was created by the tears of Lord Shiva whilst he mourned the death of his beloved wife Shakti. Whereas some also believe that it was created when lotus petals fell on the ground from Brahma’s hands.It is therefore of sacred value and draws a host of pilgrims every year. If only this water-body was kept a little more clean it could be of more aesthetic value.

3.Mayo College, Ajmer

Deemed as one of the best boarding schools of the world, it was founded by the 6th Earl of Mayo with a vision for providing education to the upper strata of the Indians, focusing primarily on the princes of the princely states. The classic white building is worth seeing for its notable architecture. This school has given many famous alumnus in various walks of life.

4. Brahma Temple, Pushkar

There are very few temples dedicated to the Lord of creation, Brahma all over the world and this being one of the most ancient ones, draws numerous Hindu pilgrims every year. This temple is mostly blue in colour and getting a glimpse of the deity could be tricky due to the heavy footfall, be ready to fight the odds traversing through the crowd when you enter here to offer your prayers. Good luck!

5. Camel Fair, Pushkar

Pushkar is famous for this unique fair, where camel and livestock are traded. Apart from these there are other recreational activities, such as Longest Moustache Competition, that are held here to attract more tourists. This is a five day long event and is held every year in the months of October-November. Sounds interesting, eh?

6. Pushkar Bazaar

As colourful as it could get, like most of the markets in this state, the Pushkar market is also a colourful fusion. You will find almost everything here from small souvenirs to amazing leather bags and boots, to unique silverware and silver jewelry, to colourful lamp shades and clothes. If you too have the “Princess Leia in gold bikini” fantasy you can fulfill that here for sure, you may not get a gold bikini but a silver one isn’t hard to find. So happy splurging in some whacky stuffs.


What is visiting a place without trying its local cuisine, however for Pushkar it is more of trying some Firang Cuisine, you will find Italian and Middle-eastern food in abundance in this place. You can try Lasagne, falafel wraps, hummus with pita breads served in various cafes like Cafe Nirvana, Lake View Cafe. The food isn’t really awesome but it’s just about fine to take you through the hunger pangs.

8. The drive to Ajmer and Pushkar.

If you love to drive and driving through tricky roads could be a fulfilling experience then take the Pushkar Ghati while travelling to Pushkar. The drive to Ajmer and Pushkar from Jaipur is equally picturesque surrounded by the Aravalli Range on either side and the wide expanse of muddy brown terrain with scanty vegetation here and there looks really captivating.

So bring on the traveler in you and pack your bags for a visit to these two places of interest. However I would suggest you plan a trip to these places only after the scorching summers have passed.