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Welcome to Resfeber18, the Diary of a Homebound Traveller. I am a Homebound Traveller who loves to travel and stay at home all at the same time.What a struggle that is!

I nurture a strong wanderlust in my heart but I also love to stay at home. So, how do you feed your wanderlust and remain homebound at the same time? Well, it’s quite simple, I travel to return home. I am not a nomadic traveller, I travel for shorter durations of time and I simply love coming back home to the people I love the most in the world. When the world is busy being bit by Wanderlust or Fernweh and I am here all happy to announce that I am bit by Heimweh or Homesickness.

Whenever I embark upon a journey I feel Resfeber, or the happy restlessness a traveller feels and it is during my journeys that my profound Homesickness makes every adventure all the more worthwhile and that is how Resfeber18 is The Diary of a Homebound Traveller.

The passion for travel and writing coupled together brings Resfeber18. Resfeber, originally a Swedish word means the nervous feeling one encounters before undertaking a new journey, a feeling of happy restlessness.

I guess all of us have felt that jittery feeling and spent endless hours and days thinking about the places we were about to see, researching about them, finding out what to eat, where to go almost everything under the sun. When the imaginations and expectations of these places turn into reality before your eyes, euphoria is all that one experiences. Resfeber18 has been an attempt at writing about all such experiences I have had as a traveller and I am sure most of you would relate to my experiences as well. Writing about my travel experiences is, therefore, the best possible way to keep the memories of the escapades intact and easily accessible to reminisce.

Go ahead and read them to find out more.

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